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Change Your Breath - Change Your Life!

Welcome to the I AM Breath, breathing as it was always meant to be.

Much disease can be stemmed in not only how we eat, but more so in how we breathe. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for proving that all micropathogens including Cancer are anaerobic; they can not live in a high oxygen and high pH envirionment.

Studying breathing for over 25 years, Joa says the vast majority of our human population breathe what he calls the "breath of fear." The" breath of fear" was learned in our unnatural and often traumatic birth and childhoods and later habituated by smoking and ingesting other stimulants such as coffee.

Our most important nutirient and energy source is oxygen. Of all the elements, our bodies are composed of 80 percent oxygen by weight. As well as raising oxygen level in a person's body, the diaphragmatic breathing learned here raises our pH from acid to alkaline.

Acidic atoms lack electrons (energy), steal electrons from other atoms and thus break down the structure of life. Alkaline atoms have extra electrons (energy) regenerating life and building our immunity.

PH testing indates that a typical 40 minute I AM Breath session raises ones pH 1 to 2 points. Students often report feeling tingly alive afterwards. Joa calls this our "Alkaline Tingles."

If you -

• tire easily...

• crave sweets, coffee, or tobbacco...

• feel stessed or overwhelmed by challenges...

• are Overweight...

• suffer a disease...

Your body is likely acidic and under-oxygenated as is the vast majority of our population, caused by a poor breathing habit.

Come enjoy your "Alkaline Tingles." Experience the endless relaxed-energy of breathing as other mammals naturally do.

The I AM Breath Has two main components: Technical and Spiritual.

Do you desire to improve your physical stamina?

The technical component called BreathPlay is known as the "secret weapon" of our world's top athletes including John Howard, 3 time winner of the Ironman Triathalon.

Do you desire a stronger spiritual connection to your Authentic Self?

The I AM Breath can be used as a most powerful tool for connecting with your I AM, your inner spiritual perfection and freedom. Once you can feel your inner perfection, you can naturally allow your inner abundance to be expressed into your outer world.


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T e s t i m o n i a l s

"A total breakthrough."

“A total breakthrough. I experienced tremendous self-power, energy and clarity. The information given is highly constructive and involving, and the breathing sequence with music is nothing short of a thrilling joyride. I left feeling expansive, loving and truthfully connected to my essence. I can’t wait for the next one.”

--Michael Spielberg, Bus. Executive

...loved it!

The breathwork was great. What I liked most was permission to move the body and change positions. Other breath workshops required lying down on the back. Your instructions were very helpful. Also the music; loved it! Blessings,


"...very profound work..."

“Joa used clear, down-to-earth instruction, sacred, sensitively selected music and a healer’s true compassion and perception to guide us on a powerful journey into ourselves. I found my breath capacity increase naturally, even in areas that have been constricted for years, despite many yoga classes. I was left feeling radiant, connected and peaceful. This is very profound work that gets immediate results.”

--Francesca Block, Author

"... gentle and supportive."

"I enjoyed it. It was gentle and supportive. I could go at my own pace and let the magic unfold......"


"Very deep. Very revealing."

"Very deep. Very revealing. Joa’s intuition was right-on and I felt really seen. I really liked Joa's coaching during the breathing and how he kept changing up the words for me to affirm. This work is wonderful."

--Beverly Brunelle, Spiritual Teacher

"..laughing at the sight of my abundance."

"I had a wonderful experience. My intention was financial abundance, and during the breathing session I had a vision of a giant funnel above my head and money of all sorts being sent down by ascended masters and ancestors. It was like a fire works display of raining riches! I started laughing at the sight of it. I now feel that Financial Abundance is available and will manifest in its own way and time. I also enjoyed the one on one process"
Ken Tarlow, Product designer

"...very deep & profound."

Thank you for facilitating a wonderful workshop. It was very deep and profound for me. I've done Rebirthing many years ago, and the I Am Breath was similar but more direct and varied in it's structure. I really appreciated the music which was very supportive in channeling the opening I experienced. I'd characterize it as opening energizing and all about presence.
 Lots of Gratitude,

--Rich Danon, Nurse

"This was amazing, ..."

Thank you so much for having me.  It was my pleasure to just be there with you all.  I must say that it did help me. When I arrived I had just started my month cycle.  Having a lot of lower back tightness and pain.  Half way through the breathing exercise most of the pain was gone and did not return.  This was amazing, and I wanted to thank you for teaching me this for future months to come.

--Leslee Savvy

"... able to quiet down the motor mind, ..."

found that if I breathed the I Am Breath way that it was very easy to get into a Zen way of breathing and be totally focused on my body and my breathing, and I was then, able to quiet down the motor mind, which is always a challenge with meditation. Sincerely,

--Sue Hayes